Pack contains: 1 x Wave Lotion 80ml, 1 x Neutraliser 100ml, 1 x Activator Tube 20ml, plastic glove, cap.

De Lorenzo New Directions Wave Lotion 3 is a cysteine styling system for professional use that's enriched with Wheat Protein, Rice Amino Acids & Soy Protein and provides a great movement and texture when service is carried out in accordance with De Lorenzo's recommended directions. Wave Lotion 3 is made specifically for hair that has been chemically treated. 

Important: Read detailed instructions on carton before using. Use only as directed. Store in a cool place. 


- For porous hair

- Australian made

- Vegan certified

- Cruelty free

Preparation for perming: Shampoo gently but thoroughly with De Lorenzo Essential Treatments Absolute Deep Cleanser, to remove residue and build up of styling products. DO NOT RUB vigorously while shampooing as this may irritate the scalp. Towel dry hair then spray with De Lorenzo Essential Treatments Protein Complex. 

Note: Do not perm hair if client's scalp is irritated or broken and/ or client is allergic to perm lotion. 

IMPORTANT: Select correct lotion strength for hair type. Select correct rod size for shape and curl required. Degree of curl is determined by number and size of rods, NOT by extending processing time. Wind hair smoothly and without tension. 

CAUTION: Wear protective gloves when mixing or using. Do not allow lotion to come in contact with skin or eyes. Rinse product immediately from affected areas with cold tap water. Seek medical attention if irritation persists. DO NOT PLACE UNDER HEAT and remember; do not allow excessive stretching during styling of the new perm as this can weaken the disulphide bonds and cause relaxation.

Application of Lotion: 

1. Remove cap from lotion, add activator, replace cap and invert gently several times. DO NOT SHAKE. 

2. Begin application from the nape. Work slowly and consistently to ensure lotion reaches every rod and does not run onto the scalp. 

3. Work nozzle along the rod, wet a second then a third time - do not miss any rods. Excessive dripping indicates application has been carried out too quickly. 

4. Do not keep remaining lotion as it becomes inactive. 

Processing Time: Please see box for recommendation table for processing time. Once processing is complete, rinse hair thoroughly (5+ minutes) with warm water. Gently towel botch each rod, removing excess water.


1. Apply Neutraliser, starting at the nape, dampen by placing a few drops of Neutraliser at centre of each rod. 

2. Working nozzle along the rod, wet a second time. Save approximately 20ml of Neutraliser for later application.

3. Allow 5 minutes neutralising time before removing rods and apply remaining Neutraliser to curls for a further 1 minute. DO NOT allow Neutraliser to remain longer than recommended.

4. Rinse hair thoroughly with warm water. Towel blot.

5. Apply De Lorenzo Essential Treatments Equilibrium Treatment as per directions. Perm is now complete and ready for styling. For maximum curl retention, wait 48 hours before shampooing. 


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